Bigg Boss Day 21: Neha Bhasin worried about her family’s reaction to chemistry with Pratik Sehajpal!

New Delhi: The latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT saw several questions arise over the closeness of certain connections and if their bond is turning into something more than ‘just friends’. Fans are wondering if Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat have taken a liking to one another considering their closeness throughout the show

Sunday’s episode featured Karan Johar, the host, who talked to the housemates to find answers to all these pressing questions. This episode marked the ‘interval’ period or halfway point of the show as the contestants completed 3 weeks of the show and now have 3 more weeks to play their best game.

To test if the connections really know each other, Karan decided to play a game of questions with contestants. In the game, Karan checked how well they really knew each other. Surprisingly, Raqesh and Shamita were the ones who got most questions right. Pratik and Neha were a close second but had minor differences in their answers.

Karan then brought on bitter gourd or karela shots on the show which were named bewafai ke shots (shots of betrayal). Each contestant had to pick and give a shot to the person who betrayed them. While some choices were obvious such as Pratik giving a shot to Divya and Divya giving a shot to Shamita, it was surprising when Akshara called her former partner Pratik bewafa.

Pratik explained that he had a good reason to break the connection with Akshara as he felt there was no chemistry between them. Whereas with Neha, he said, chemistry is natural.

Nishant revealed that Moose is uncomfortable with Pratik and Neha’s closeness. He joked that he is tired of listening to Moose talking about that particular topic

Later, when Karan bid goodbye to the contestants for the weekend, Neha was heard telling Pratik that she’s worried about how her family will perceive her connection with him as she doesn’t want it to jeopardize her family life. Since the two are very close and often get intimate in friendly gestures, she doesn’t want their relationship to be misunderstood or ‘jeopardise her family life’.

We’re yet to see how their connection progresses and where the two will have to draw boundaries in their relationship.




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