Divya Agarwal, winner of Bigg Boss OTT, says she wants Shamita Shetty to contact her first!

New Delhi: Divya Agarwal, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT, expressed that she wants Shamita Shetty to contact her first. In an interview with a leading daily, she said that she hasn’t spoken to the actress yet as the show has just ended.

She revealed that she wants Shamita to contact her as she wants to see how the latter will approach her. However, she doesn’t want to make the first move.

She told ETimes, “I haven’t spoken to Shamita until now. After the show ended yesterday, we all are tired and resting. No one has got enough time to do other things. But I will not contact her first. I genuinely want Shamita to contact me first and I want to see how she approaches me. Because throughout the show her approach towards me was full of misunderstandings. So I would like to see that effort from her end and want to know her in real life. Because many things happen in that house and I kind of forgive but I don’t forget.”

Throughout the show, Divya Agarwal and Shamita Shetty had a sour relationship. Even though in the first week, the two were clicking off, Divya soon found Shamita ‘bossy’ and ‘controlling’.

On the other hand, Shamita found Divya to be arrogant and rude in her behaviour. Their personal differences were exacerbated by Shamita’s love interest Raqesh Bapat and Divya’s friendship.

Raqesh shared a good bond with Divya, however, Shamita had asked him several times to stop talking to Divya which led to fights between the trio.

Bigg Boss OTT ended after six weeks with Karan Johar as the host and Divya Agarwal as the winner.

Bigg Boss 15 will begin in October and will be hosted by Salman Khan. The first confirmed contestant of the reality show is Pratik Sehajpal, who was also in Bigg Boss OTT.



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