Is Nora Fatehi dating Terence Lewis? Latter says, ‘Raaz ki baat raaz rehne do’

Is Nora Fatehi dating Terence Lewis? Latter says, ‘Raaz ki baat raaz rehne do’

New Delhi: Choreographer-turned-singer Terence Lewis and dancer-actor Nora Fatehi share a great rapport. They were both judges on dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer Season 2’ and their chemistry on the show was palpable. The two would even share dance reels together on Instagram. The rumours of the two dating each other have been around for sometime now. Recently, Terence in an interview spilled the beans about his speculated romance with Nora.

Talking to RJ Siddharth Kannan while promoting his debut single ‘Shaidayee’ said that he has broken many hearts as he is commitment phobic. “Sach bolun toh maine kai baar logon ka dil toda hai. Commitment phobic hun, pyaar karta hoon but I don’t want to be possessed, and I don’t want to possess. I feel true love is free. Nobody can complete anybody,” he said.

When pressed on revealing his relationship with Nora, Terence joked, “Raaz ki baat raaz rehne do (Let this secret be). I will tell you off-camera.”

He further added that he shares a ‘very healthy’ relationship with Nora and said, “We are very good friends, yes. I think we have got great chemistry on-screen. She’s a very free-spirited person, and I like her energy and vibe. She’s lovely. We have a healthy relationship.”

He added, “She’s very real, and speaks whatever comes to her mind. She has no filter, sometimes she says something and I tell her you shouldn’t have said that, but she’s like ‘now I have said it.’ But that’s the charm of her. She’s lovely.”

Terence said Nora is a ‘good friend’ but they don’t speak on a daily basis.

Yeah, we are good friends. I won’t say we are very good friends where we call each other everyday, but we have a very healthy relationship.

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